Discover 3 new species of flying reptiles in the Sahara

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Recently, scientists announced discovery of 3 new flying reptile lived in the Sahara 100 million years ago.
Discover 3 new species of flying reptiles in the Sahara
Image depicting new flying reptiles.

Professor David Martill, a paleontologist at the University of Portsmouth, made the discovery with a team of researchers from Morocco and the United States. The research, which was published in Cretaceous Research, immediately received special attention from the scientific community.

This new discovery makes archaeologists very excited because three new species were discovered in 2020 alone. This is no precedent before.

These predators are described to exist very well in a world dominated by predators like crocodiles and predatory dinosaurs.

New species identified from fossils of teeth and teeth found in the Ice Cream Region in the middle of Morocco have wingspan of 3 to 4 meters long. These flying creatures are described as possessing large sharp teeth to hunt for prey.

With the advantage of flying, these creatures can search for food over great distances, similar to today’s birds.

Currently, archaeologists are continuing to study the fossils of these three new flying reptiles in hopes of having more details about them.

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